Thursday, August 16, 2012

born and raised

its my last day. 
and i've spent it in pasco, wa.
sleeping in, swimming in white frothy linens and cloud-like pillows.
running a long bath and listening to john mayer.
sitting out by the pool reading one thousand gifts. (thanks kat!)
and reflecting on my time at this job.

as i was reading, i read over this particular sentence a few times and then had to say it out loud:

"to behold one more moment pregnant with wonder"

i think this is really all i want to do: to be so fully engaged in the present that i am able to see all the beauty around me. the book is really making me reflect on my happiness project.
and i'm starting to understand that being happy is more about being thankful.


today i finally purchased john mayer's born and raised.
and as i was listening to the title track, i couldn't help but feeling content knowing that this transition is good for me and the people around me.

"and all at once it gets hard to take
it gets hard to fake what i won't be
cause one of these days i'll be born and raised
and it's such a waste to grow up lonely

  i still have dreams, they're not the same
they don't fly as high as they used to
i saw my friend, he's in my head
and he said, "you don't remember me, do you?"

and i just want to remember

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