Monday, August 27, 2012

two years down

our little getaway was just what we needed this year.
finally finished up collecting the things to go camping.
it's only taken us 2 years to do this...:)
so we packed up and headed to forlorn lakes, wa.

it was a lovely time: 
setting up our tent for the first time
zipping sleeping bags together
flame cooked marinated steak ftw 
sleeping in
meeting friendly birds
and being right next to a lake
with my wonderful husband

 got to look at all the pretty windsurfers in hood river, or
stopped at full sail brewery for lunch
devoured some delicious ice cream at mike's
had a beautiful view of mt adams
and only got lost a few times on all the (very poorly marked) forest roads

and so begins our camping addiction.
 in the last week and half we've gone camping 3 times! 
 a very good anniversary to say the least.
cheers to many more years, my love! 

1 comment:

  1. yay for mike's ice cream! we introduced brandon and victoria to their baby baby scoop today :)

    maybe sometime, we should all go camping together!