Tuesday, August 7, 2012

chapters and changes

there's been much on my mind the last month or so. 
lots of sorting and debating and i knew i had a choice to make.

and i chose to close one chapter and open a new one.

so i'm closing the chapter of my life that i was a flight attendant.

it wasn't an easy choice by any means. i have loved being a flight attendant! it's been such a great job for me and quenched my thirst for adventure. 
i have loved traveling and working and having new experiences all over the place every day!
but i have given up a lot with this job too.

and i've written all about that already here and here.
when i first signed up for this job, i signed up to be based in seattle or portland.
and 3 weeks into training i found out i would probably being going to medford, or,
which was a deal breaker.
(plus i'd be gone again for 5 nights a week).
and that happens at the end of august, so i put in my two weeks yesterday.
and it was scary.
scary because i don't have have anything else lined up yet.
but i've been super blessed to have a very supportive husband and family who believe i'm making the right choice. and i believe i am too. as much as i have loved being a flight attendant, i realized that it was not allowing me to be as involved in my family and community, which for me, is a very high priority.

so the fun begins again as i start looking for a new job. 
two potential craigslistings thus far:
1. professional dog runner
2. dance instructor (no experience needed!)

(and i'm kinda serious about the dance instructor) 

so thus far i can cross off:
after school assistant
social worker/youth mentor
flight attendant

i'm actually kinda excited to see how many random awesome jobs i can add to the list,
so any suggestions are very welcome:)


  1. Have you thought about taking your photography to the next level and trying to book some sittings? Just start with babies/families and then work your way up (weddings, print)? Give it some thought. You have a lot of talent with a camera. :)

  2. Oh my goodness you would be an awesome dance instructor! You should go for it :-) It's amazing where the road of life can take us! it can be so scary sometimes and unexpected but it is in the thrill of those unknown moments that we come to discover just how much God is holding us up and is our strength when we just have no idea what is next. Hugs girl! Can't wait to see where God leads you next!