Wednesday, November 7, 2012

catch up: part 2

(just a bunch of resident crazies...i mean my family) 
so this one time, i went to maui for my uncle's wedding and my whole family went.
oh wait, that was two weeks ago.
annnnnnd it was AWESOME. 
here's some pics to prove it. ;)
 top-bottom l-r
1. flying into maui
2. nathan and i after 10 months of him being gone in australia
3. "the ocean is my bathroom"
4. joe post shaved ice
5. cliff jumping!
6. i can't keep track how many shaved ices i ate. nom nom nom.
1. more reunion pics!
2. see above
3. "...."
4. meagan with hula pies!
5. little morning reading sesh
6. me and the boy with more shaved ice
7. bamboo forest 
8. the kiss!
9. fambam
sarah, seth, thomas, joe, me, and nathan.
one of the days we took our really fancy rental cars...
 (yeah buuuuudy)
and drove around the east side of the island to hana. 
after a hike through the bamboo forest,
and some quick cliff jumping in the venus pools,
we ate some delicious thai food in hana,
and drove like maniacs
to catch the sunset at ho'okipa lookout.

  oh. and we went snorkling...

  and good times were had by all!
so long maui, until next time...

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