Tuesday, November 13, 2012

different together

i love being married to eric.
he's awesome.
and kind.
and the most helpful & humble person i've ever met.
and he's super different than me,
which always makes things interesting.
this is eric's lab.
he designs, builds, solders, creates, and 3D prints cool stuff down here.
and he listens to people all over the world with his Ham radio.
this is ellen's art space.
she creates, designs, sews, hot glues, and makes pretty things up here. 
and she has dance parties when she needs a break.

and as much as we like our own things, 
i'll be honest:
sometimes our differences are frustrating.
sometimes i want eric to go dancing with me.
sometimes i want him to go to an opera with me.
sometimes he wants me to play strategy games with him.
sometimes he wants me to learn Morse code. 
 but thankfully we can laugh at how opposite we are.
and know that God did that for a reason.
i think it's so that we get outside our boxes and learn and appreciate things that are different than us.
so we've been trying to say yes to each other more often when activities are suggested. 

also, we're both incredibly blown away by each other.
last night, eric designed an circuit board to control the temperature of a project he's working on.
yeah, and it only took him a few hours. bam. 
and he was pretty impressed with some sewing kits i assembled for the girls i'll be hanging with next week. 
all this to ask,
do you have any suggestions for activities/projects that we could do together?
i mean, i'm pretty sure we could rule the world, but since that's not really an option for date nights, a little help would be awesome.

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  1. i think it's beautiful that you folks can appreciate each other's talents and hobbies. i bet it gets frustrating to try to build bridges between those differences. i don't have advice. just admiration for your persistence.