Thursday, November 8, 2012

pinterest for dinner

i'm being honest.
cooking is not my favorite thing. 
if i'm inspired, yes.
but if i get home and am tired, blech.
so my newest technique?
peruse pinterest for a meal. 
and hope that i have most of the ingredients on hand.
then run run run across the street to safeway.
and come back with a dinner inspiration. 
 but it seriously helps me so much! 
so here's a list of tasty things i've made in the last couple weeks via pinterest:

1. cauliflower aged white chedder soup

2. oreo chocolate chip cookies

3. pumpkin pie almonds

4. cranberry-pecan clusters

these next two recipes are in cue:
1. garlic rosemary & lemon potatoes and brussels

2. cranberry-lime vodka

and i totes recommend the oreo chocolate chip cookies. they are incredibly delicious!

1 comment:

  1. wow, for someone who doesn't love to cook, you have definitely put some great-looking recipes under your belt!
    thanks for sharing, and good luck with more good food.