Wednesday, November 14, 2012

recipe: peanut sauce

eric and i went on a lunch date on monday to sivalai thai restaurant.
our roommates had recommended it a while ago, so we finally went to check it out
it was AMAZING. 
like forseriously AMAZING.
it's a family restaurant, a bit quaint, but the food and the service!
the food was amazing. super filling and delicious. thai iced teas for a buck. that alone means i'm sold.
plus, they brought out a free appetizer for us annnnd a free mango sweet rice dessert,
which in eric's words were "i could eat this for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and fourthmeal."
so you know it's legit! 
the appetizer came with peanut sauce.
and i was slightly embarrassed when i was caught eating alone it with my fork.
i think the waitress's words were,
"good peanut sauce, eh?" 
uhhhhhhhhhh. yes. :)
so that brings me to this recipe for peanut sauce found at the amazing thai food blog she simmers.
  it pretty much tastes exactly like the stuff in the restaurant. 
and it's super easy.
and i made some yesterday and it's pretty much all gone already.
good sign of a 5 star recipe.

so go here for the goodness of shesimmers easy thai peanut sauce.
her website has a really nice printable version of the recipe and other tasty thai yumminess! :)
note: i didn't have massaman curry paste, so i just used mostly yellow curry paste with 2 tbsp of red curry paste and it was just right for me: mostly mild with just the right amount of heat. i had marinated chicken in a whiskey ginger marinade and cooked some rice. it was a super tasty hit.

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